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Summer Select

Summer time in the Cellar with Flagship Vapor!

The summer time heat is here, and at Flagship we are facing the dog days head on with the launch of 4 new refreshing fruit flavors from the Cellar Select line!

You can go HERE and read all about the Cellar Select line, and how it came about before August 8th.

Samples are ready to head out to our partners now.

Contact your friendly neighborhood Flagship vendors and request these new exciting flavors.

The new flavors are:

TROPI-COOL – What’s cooler than cool? Tropi-Cool!!  Pineapples, coconuts and a double shot of Jamaican rum followed by a slight cool after note. Not minty in taste, but cold and refreshing none the less! Menthol and non menthol vapers will enjoy this blend.

FRUIT OF THE DEAD – Plucked from the fiery trees below by the hands of Persephone (goddess of the Underworld.) This fatally delicious pomegranate punch will leave you longing for more.

MOUNTAIN NECTAR –  Deep in the Appalachian mountains there’s rumored to be a hidden fountain who’s nectar would satisfy every citrus vapers wildest craving. We’ve tapped the fount and offer it to you now in this fizzy and tangy citrus spritzer.

SUMMER BLUES – What can wash away the summer blues? A tall tank of this refreshing blueberry lemonade. Light, freshly squeezed lemonade, finished with the sweetest blueberries. So Refreshing!

ALL Cellar Select flavors are Available in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg- 60 ml easy squeeze bottles

70VG / 30PG

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