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Our 2nd line of e-liquids Holy Humidor preparing to set sail!

In this day of cereal, milk, and yogurt vapes it’s nice to set back, relax, pour a stiff glass of whiskey (if you’re into that) and take a break from the norm with a nice smooth satisfying tobacco flavor.

Each of the 4 Humidor flavors have gone through a rigorous development process in order to achieve the smooth and full bodied vape that a good quality tobacco should have. In true Flagship fashion we took our time to get this line right. The flavors were not just thrown together on the fly.

We set out to create a line of liquids that would be full of flavor yet satisfying enough to serve as an all day vape. Flavors that taste like top shelf tobaccos smell before they are lit. Flavors that are enjoyable by tobacco and non tobacco vapers. We believe we have achieved these goals with this line.

With great pride and joy, we present to you Holy Humidor:


SWEET BETTY: The foundation for the entire Holy Humidor line is Miss Sweet Betty! Our signature sweet leaf tobacco blend is meticulously crafted. Complex yet balanced with a nice subtle yet distinct nutty tobacco flavor. Miss Betty is unlike any other tobacco e-liquid on the market today, guaranteed!

Not quite a dessert tobacco, but not harsh or burnt either.

Profile: Air cured tobacco leaf flavored with smooth french vanilla, nuts, and caramel.

GEORGIA GORGEOUS: We have acquired the taste for southern hospitality, and all of it’s wonderful offerings. Delicious Georgia peaches and whipped cream layered on top of our signature Sweet Betty tobacco comes together gorgeously in this delicious tobacco blend.

Profile: Air cured tobacco leaf flavored with sweet Georgia peaches and rich whipping cream. 

RED ROBUSTO: Robust and proud as the color red itself! This vape has a crisp bite of fresh red apples mixed with deep vanilla custard notes, and smooth nutty undertones, blended to perfection then poured over top our Sweet Betty Tobacco. Rich, robust and satisfying to the fullest degree!

Profile: Air cured tobacco leaf flavored with red apples, and nutty vanilla custard

DELTA DIVINE: A stout mixture of Kentucky bourbon and espresso beans blended together with decadent dark chocolate, folded in with our Sweet Betty Tobacco to make a divine combination. Full bodied, complex and mysterious as the Witch Doctor himself.

Profile: Air cured tobacco leaf flavored with espresso, dark chocolate, and Kentucky bourbon. 

**These flavors will be available through our amazing Partners very soon.**

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