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Cellar Select Premium E-liquid is here!

Like every other e-liquid manufacturing company, we had to move quickly with a plan that we felt positioned our company for the long hall once the FDA’s deeming regulations were published in May of 2016, then execute that plan by Aug 8th.

Our strategy was two-fold, we took some of our best-developed flavors that naturally fit into the concept of our Artistry Grove line and rolled that out, while we significantly expanded a private label concept we’d already been executing successfully with Stormy’s Vapor Cellar (one of the very first US retailers).

The invaluable asset of possessing the experience of 8+ years, with 5 retail locations and a legendary online store. Along with Michael’s long list of home run flavors that were developed or mostly developed & didn’t yet have a line to call home were molded into a collaborative effort that yielded 20+ exciting flavors that we worked hard to have on her shelves by Aug 7th.

The response has been overwhelming! In a period where the vape market has been flooded with a seemingly never ending overdose of new flavors and brands, Cellar Select has been keeping up pace, and flat out flying off the shelves at Stormy’s Vapor Cellar’s retail locations, and web store.

We are very proud, and excited to now offer these wonderful flavors to our entire retail channel. We aim to replicate the success that Stormy’s has had for as many of our partners as we can. We’ll be offering up the entire line in waves of 4-6 flavors at a time, with the first wave of 6 flavors being ready for purchase now. The first installment of 6 flavors offers some fan favorites: FLB, Voodoo Venom, Mustachio, Glazey Days, Ooey Gooey, and Prism Drops.

We will be at Stormy’s home base in Macon GA on Feb 25th to party hard and kick off the launch of these 6 wonderful flavors.

Working with Stormy’s team has been a real honor for us. Carolyn and Dee LOVE this industry/community and have been leaders for us since 2009. Our collective hope for this line is to help offer exciting new flavors that help folks successfully stay off combustible tobacco. The Flavor profiles, bottle size, VG/PG ratio, and MG strengths we’re selected to deliver a product that vapers find both satisfaction and high value in. Based on the success so far, we feel like we’ve done a good job of hitting the mark, and hope that you get a chance to join the multitude of Stormy’s customers that are already enjoying these delicious hand selected flavors from the cellar.

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