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Blog 4.14.16 Partners Update

Partnership page update 4.14.16

Would you like to purchase Flagship Vapor Company’s e-liquids in a brick & mortar store or online?

Here are a couple pieces of info that can help you out.

First things first… we are proud to announce 3 new venders that carry our e-liquids in their stores.

-AXIS VAPOR LOUNGE in Jacksonville FL


-BLUE VAPOR FUSION in Clearwater FL. 

The above mentioned venders are now carrying our liquids in their brick and mortars. So a big round of applause for those lovely folks, thanks and welcome to the Flagship family, glad to have you are aboard! Make sure that you stop by one of these shops and show them some love if you are ever in their area.

The 2nd item to discuss is: Over the coarse of the last few months we have had a few emails asking us where they can buy individual bottles of our products online. We are strictly a wholesale company, we do not sell directly to the public, we don’t have a retail location and we don’t currently sell online through our site and have no plans to do so in the near future. Buuuuuut fear not! We currently have 3 authorized online resellers that you can easily purchase our e-liquids from. We recently have done a little facelift to our partners page to make it a bit easier to find who sells our products online.

Go HERE to check out our partners page, the top 3 vendors are our authorized resellers.

Thanks a million!

Now go and conquer fellow conquerers!

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