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Here’s to 2017…

2016 was a blockbuster year for our young company! We experienced steady growth and we’re trading in several new markets throughout the Midwest, East Coast and Southeastern regions of the United States. Every day we are so very thankful to do what we love and to work with folks that are excited about what they do!!

2016 also brought the FDA’s deeming regulations and we are all faced with many unanswered questions and unprecedented pressures. Flagship Vapor will continue to learn, adapt, fight, travel, and teach our way through 2017. We are excited about our role in SFATA and we are thrilled to have been selected to partner with The Tobacco Research Center at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center on two separate research projects on vaping and helping hundreds transition off combustible tobacco in the process.

We hit the road on several occasions in 2016 and we enjoyed the in-store events that were the center part of those road trips. Working hand in hand with our client’s staff and getting the opportunity to build relationships with them and the consumers of our products/ the customers are great joys for us and something we’re excited to continue and build on in 2017!! Last year we exhibited at four trade shows (highlighted by the SFATA Conf. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and we attended a couple more. Looking ahead, trade shows are something we will evaluate on a case by case basis. Childish/TM infringing product naming/branding cannot be a part of what’s accepted. Manufacturers, stores, trade publications, and event promoters ALL need to apply that logic……. Okay, off the soapbox..

We’re also VERY excited to announce that 2017 brings several new exciting Flagship Vapor flavors to look forward to!!! Private Label projects have been a part of our business model since day 1 and we’ve been extremely fortunate to partner with some of the most respected retailers in our Industry in doing so. Stormy’s Vapor Cellar, one of the very 1st retailers in the US has collaborated with us to develop two dozen top-selling flavors. All 24 flavors of the “Cellar Select” line were crafted and legitimately on the shelves of their stores as well as their website stormysvaporcellar.com for purchase prior to 8/8/16. These amazing flavors come in 60ml easy squeeze bottles and they have been FLYING out the doors at Stormy’s Vapor Cellar ever since. Currently, we are considering slight modifications to some the labels and we expect to have half of them available for all our wholesale partners by the end of Feb then the second dozen in Q3.

Reflecting & looking ahead we all need to contribute to the sustainability of our industry, involving ourselves in advocacy is critical. Making our voices heard is the only way we can manage the actioned prohibition of our life-saving community/industry. The movie A Billion Lives is a great tool, I encourage each vaper to not only see it in 2017 but to take somebody smart, that gives a damn about the world, and doesn’t vape along with you for the education.

In the end, we encourage you to fight until there is nothing left in you, then to knuckle down and fight some more. After all, we are fighting for human life and we have the overwhelming facts on our side.

Here’s to a victorious 2017!!!

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