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Flagship Vapor Co.

Mission Statement:

  • ­The center piece of our mission, is to provide top quality e-liquids for your vaping satisfaction.
  • We aim to deliver world class quality e-liquids by utilizing current science, careful sourcing, and manufacturing in an onsite clean room. Functional/certified packaging ensures an experience that is clean, practical, and enjoyable.
  • Our approach is built on three core beliefs that we implement in each aspect of business. Every bottle that leaves our facility is a direct reflection of our industry and each staff member at Flagship. We thoroughly enjoy working with our partners and we find reward in their success.  Passion, Creativity, and Commitment are not just words to us, they are our lifeblood.  We don’t buy into the old adage of “don’t take business personal”.  We view our business the exact opposite in fact.
  • The brand, Flagship signifies a dignified strength and an unwavering pursuit to accomplish the mission. Our logo is carefully designed to symbolize the unification of the founding members and of our mission to conquer opposition.
  • Our colors (Black and Gold) are inspired by the Anarcho-Capitalist flag.

The AnCap philosophy advocates for the elimination of political government which distorts market signals, promotes corruption, and institutionalizes monopoly in favor or individual sovereignty.